20 April 1999 Main Illustrates, Stublen Provides
DEATH OF A JEDI has been spruced up just a bit, containing all new illustrations by Brian Main (who also played Vader in DOAJ). The illustrations are meant to show the whole story of DOAJ. We state this because we've had several emails asking who the other charaters in the poster were. Brian is considering selling copies of the poster for the price it costs to make them. If interested, email us at deathofajedi@hotmail.com . Depending on how many people are interested depends if he sells his work (no profit will be made due to Lucasfilm trademarks).

MEW MIRROR SITE APPEARS from Stublen Studios. Check out the Mirror section for more help, and visit Stublen Studios from our "LINKS" section.

FINALLY... DOAJ... the prequel... want more news?... stay tuned...

2 April 1999 We're Back
DEATH OF A JEDI is back and better than ever, not only do we plan to have more updates, we also have a few new features to help DOAJ fans have more to do with the story. For instance, we've added the "TALES" section where we will be posting any new adventures written about Dei Jeigh and/or Brani Naim. If you want to write an adventure about any DOAJ characters in the original story, then just send your tales to deathofajedi@hotmail.com and we'll be more than happy to post it along with who wrote it.

Also, to prevent DOAJ from ever bring down again, we've added a "MIRRORS" site for any of those who can repost DOAJ other than it's mother downlaoding post at PUG . Again, just email us your site and we'll post it for all to see!

One final note, thanks to all who had to wait for the reposting of DOAJ. It took longer than we had originally thought, but now things are back to normal and we think even better. Enjoy!