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Among the Galactic Senate sat Senator Dorn Naim, the representative
of the small planet, Raliioan. Though many felt Raliioan was too
samll for a Senate vote, Raliioan's history would prove otherwise.
Raliioan was small, though it had it's share of heroes, many Jedi
came from the planet, some saying the Force was unusually strong on
the small world. Records even spoke of children using the Force
while playing. Raliioan was also the home of the great Jedi Master
Rune Drakestone, one of the last Jedi to serve on the Jedi Council.

Rune Drakestone was a Jedi Master that spent his whole life on
Raliioan. When old enough, Rune began training as a Jedi under the
teachings of the Jedi Master Yoda. After his training, Rune spent
several years traveling, learning whatever he could to strengthen his
bond with the Force. Years later, the Clone Wars broke out and Rune
returned to defend his world against any threats. After the great
war, a new Empire had been formed. And as it became a threat to
Raliioan and it's neighboring systems, Rune left his homeworld to
join the last members of the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

Before leaving Raliioan for the Jedi Council, Rune had left the
planet under the protection of his youngest and last pupil, Dei
Jeigh. As the last Jedi on the planet, Dei was left to recruit the
help of Captain Brani Naim, the son of Raliioan's Senator, to help
protect the small remaining political power of the planet. For three
years, peace was kept, until an ill message reached Raliioan
revealing the deaths of Rune and Brani's father. Coruscant was under
the new Empire's control and the fall of many planets would soon follow.

Leading the Empire at a fast pace, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the
Sith, was personally seeing to the deaths of the remaining Jedi of
the Old Republic. Because of Raliioan's small size, Dei Jeigh was
fortunate to avoid Vader and the Empire. But soon, the Empire
visited the small world searching for new Senate posts to represent
the planet. When Brani refused to take his father's place as the
Senator to the new Empire, a fight broke out leading to his capture.
When approached by Vader, Brani denied any Jedi remaining on the planet.

Brani's attempt to save Raliioan from the Empire had failed and
Vader's short temper led to the pilot's last breath. Vader felt Dei
Jeigh's presence on Raliioan and took it upon himself to return to
the small world.

Dei Jeigh had forseen Vader's anger and how Brani had died. He knew
of the Dark Lord's plans and felt that only he could defend his
homeworld as Rune once had. Refusing the help of Raliioan's leaders,
Dei Jeigh went off to a secluded part of his world where he knew
Vader would find him alone.

Upon Vader's arrival, Dei Jeigh stood his ground firm and strong,
allowing no chance of surrender. Even with Vader's taunting words of
the Dark Side, Dei Jeigh fought for his world and the deaths of Rune
and Brani. He battled with courage and strength, but Vader was too
powerful for the young Jedi Knight. Within minutes, the Dark Lord had won.

Raliioan's defeat later followed by an assault from the Empire
leading to more innocent deaths. Like Dei Jeigh, the people of
Raliiaon rose to defend their world, but failed in the end.