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7th April FINAL FLASH :10 LOGO
Here's the sum up, guys... You can find the final animation for your :10 Logo here at: At least that's the version David said was final. Remember, the other logos are still up, too, in case you want to show them, as well.

As for the Flash .fla file, we'll go through the FTP process. Just email me the directions that would apply to a MAC. I'll send you all four versions. If any more changes are to be made, I NEED TO KNOW TODAY, I can afford to spend time on them today, but very little time.

Only YOU TWO know about this section of DOAJ, so this way I can keep in transfer easily with you both. If any more freelance work is needed, I'll use this page to help out.

Again thanks for the iMac in advance and lemme know if I can help again. Great working with you.