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"Death Of A Jedi", a short film by Matthew Ward: Download Site
Thanks for visiting and expressing your interest in seeing "Death Of A Jedi". This site was develpoed to share this short film with Star Wars fans all over the world. Hopefully you'll enjoy watching it just as much as we enjoyed making it.

"Death Of A Jedi": The Story
Starting the film off with, "In the days of the rising Empire, Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, hunted down and destroyed all the Jedi Knights.." is enough to explain what you're about to witness. One of the many duels between Vader and the Jedi, each a new hope for the universe, and each a new chance for Vader's power to grow. "Death Of A Jedi" is the story of a Jedi Knight, Dei Jeigh, and his battle with Vader in defending his home world.

Star Wars and all other Star Wars characters created by George Lucas. Property of Lucasfilm, Ltd. Used without permission for this non-profit production. This film was made for non-profit and for entertainment purposes only. It is illegal to sell, buy, or make any money off of this non-profit production.
"Dei Jeigh", name inspired from DJ JEDI, aka Willie Trimmer.

Please enjoy this film responsibly. Thank you and enjoy.

Download Information
"Death Of A Jedi" can be obtained by:
Quicktime (.mov) file: 18.9 MB

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